Judy McReynoldsJudy McReynolds

Chairman, president, and CEO


UAFS Foundation Board member emeritus

For companies like ArcBest, it is important to have a strong, collaborative partnership with the higher education community, and for those of us based here in the River Valley, we are blessed to have access to such an institute in the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith. We all appreciate what Chancellor Riley and the leadership team at UAFS has done to develop new educational experiences and strengthen degree programs that produce knowledgeable and capable graduates that go on to be productive and impactful members of society. I think it speaks volumes to the successes that are being realized there with this simple statistic: Nearly half of ArcBest’s Arkansas employees who attended a major Arkansas college attended UAFS.



Jason GreenJason Green

Vice President – Human Resources


UAFS Foundation Board Member

Consultant to the UAFS College of Applied Sciences and Technology


UAFS is and continues to be a key to the success of the greater Fort Smith region. The university has a significant impact on our economy, plays a vital role in the development of talent, and supports a variety of our community needs not only with four-year degrees, but two-year degrees and certification programs as well. Our long-term business strategy depends on having the right people in the right place with the right skills. Through a community-based effort that includes UAFS, business and industry, the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Smith Public Schools and other regional school districts, we are building a pipeline of technically and scientifically skilled talent for our current and future businesses. 




Mayor George McGillMayor George McGill

Alumnus, 1998

Mayor of Fort Smith

Member of the UAFS Board of Trustees


UAFS is one of the pillars that brace Fort Smith and the whole River Valley. The university provides an excellent education, and its graduates have a significant impact on our communities. When visitors come to Fort Smith, they often say they are envious that we have the luxury of a strong university within our city limits. Because of the programs at UAFS, we can provide all the talent a new business might need, from the manufacturing floor to the executive suite. Companies in the Fort Smith area have grown to expect the university to provide all the training they need for workers because that’s the way the partnership has worked for so long. 





Kim WeaverKim Weaver

Alumna, 2004

Head volleyball coach, Alma Airedales

Former volleyball player and assistant coach UAFS


Becoming the assistant volleyball coach at UAFS was a dream come true! We moved from Fort Worth to Fort Smith, bought a house, and settled in to what I thought would be a long tenure there! Partway through the fall season, Travis Biggs, assistant superintendent for Alma schools, called. Deciding to accept the offer from Alma was difficult because of how much I just love being a Lion! I have known Coach (Jane) Sargent since I was 12. She taught me how to be a competitor as an athlete and then taught me so much about leading through the profession of coaching. My time as a student and employee at UAFS will have a lasting impact on my life!