Letter to the editor

Dear Editor:


Noting in the Fall-Winter 2019 edition of The Bell Tower that no one earlier than the 1970s was reporting in, I provide you with the following information. In 1956, Bill R. Scarth and Carolyn West Scarth graduated from Forth Smith Junior College. They were married that year at Calvary Baptist Church in FortBill R. Scarth and Carolyn West Scarth pictured with daughter Kristin​ Smith. The graduated in 1958 from the University of Tulsa with Bill receiving a bachelor’s degree in business administration and Carolyn a bachelor’s in education. Bill then earned and received a juris doctorate from TU in 1963, and Carolyn earned and received a master’s degree with an emphasis on special education, learning disabilities, and speech pathology from TU in 1978. 


In 1969, Bill and Carolyn were especially blessed by the birth of their daughter, Kristin. Kristin arrived with brain damage at birth and was what some called (and we knew her to be) a “special child.” She lived happily with us and blessed us every day until her sad passing in 2018. She can be said to account for her mother’s attainment of the master’s degree above.


Bill practiced law in Northeast Oklahoma for 50 years, retiring in 2013. Carolyn taught school in the public schools of Tulsa for and Catoosa, and the private school Town and Country, for learning disabled students in Tulsa until Kristin was able to come back into the public school system in Claremore, Okla.


Carolyn was ordained as a minister. She was the founder and remains the president of an organization called “Christian Women’s Alliance International.” She has no plans to retire. 


Well, there you have it Something from a beginning at Fort Smith Junior College. We met at a mixer at the beginning of school in 1956. We are immeasurably grateful for the portion of our education we received there as well as the introduction to each other we got at the mixer passing a Lifesaver from lips to lips on toothpicks. 


The above is lengthy, and obviously, you can choose what part and how much of it to print. I enclose a photo taken in a courtroom in Claremore at my retirement in June 2013, with Kristin at the front of the two of us. 


Best wishes,


Bill R. Scarth, ‘56