STEM iPad Launch Successful

First-year students in the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) began their first year as Lions with high-tech alternatives to textbooks and No. 2 pencils.

MOBILE READY: Dr. Linus Yu helps Elizabeth Wilson, a junior information technology major and a Lion Bytes service tech, set up her new iPad as part of the Lion Launch Pad initiative.
MOBILE READY: Dr. Linus Yu helps Elizabeth Wilson, a junior information technology
major and a Lion Bytes service tech, set up her new iPad as part of the Lion Launch
Pad initiative.


Thanks to the Lion Launch Pad initiative, 285 STEM students received a brand-new iPad as part of a comprehensive rollout of the newly integrated devices.


Experts from Apple and UAFS Technology Services were on hand to assist students with device setup and management and workflow navigation to ensure students can begin using their iPads immediately and effectively.


“They made it super easy for us to set up, and I’m really glad they were able to offer us this user-friendly experience,” said Sarah Schneider, who is majoring in mathematics with teacher licensure. 


Ryan Lee, a systems analyst with UAFS Technology Services, assisted students. "The system allows us to share resources with students, including enterprise apps purchased by the university for student use, and it enables us to manage and protect the iPad if it ever becomes lost," Lee said.


While Apple and university technology staff will continue to assist the university with iPad needs, three student workers will serve as the frontline of support through the Lion Bytes program.


Elizabeth Wilson, a junior information technology major, said the opportunity to participate in a service position would help her as she enters the workforce.


"Helping others will help me in my career," she said, "and I know in the IT field I'll have to work my way up, so the opportunity to provide support on the Apple devices will be a great experience."