Programs of Excellence

Dental Hygiene and Imaging Sciences Students Start with an Advantage

ADVANTAGE: Students in imaging sciences and dental hygiene benefit from a strong faculty and up-to-date equipment.

Graduates of the dental hygiene and imaging sciences programs know what it’s like to be No. 1.


“Graduates in those programs achieved yet again this year a 100 percent pass rate that is the result of the consistent excellence of their programs,” said Dr. Ron Darbeau, the interim dean of the College of Health Sciences.


This is no outlier.


“The pass rate on the national boards reflects the strength of our program,” said Angie Elmore, executive director – Imaging Sciences.  “Students are not just passing the board examination with the minimum score, but their scores are well above the national average.  This is a reflection on the quality of our students as well as the quality of the program.  It also shows current and prospective students that we provide them with the education they need to be a successful radiographer.”


Dental hygiene students are equally successful.


“We have had 100 percent success rate on the National Dental Hygiene Board Examination since the first graduating class in 2001,” said Charmaine Stuteville, executive director – Dental Hygiene. “Our students are all employed by the time they receive their licensure in the state of their choice.”


“Not only do we have program of excellences, but we also have programs with high retention and a high pass-rate,” said Dr. Lynn Korvick, the associate dean of the College of Health Sciences. “In academia, it doesn’t get any better than this.”


The explanation is simple, Korvick said.


“Our faculty are dedicated to student success. They invest in our students, and because of the size of the programs, they can reap the benefits of a competitive entrance. So you not only have students who want to be successful, you have students who have already demonstrated success. We really do get to select from the best for a strong cohort of students and dedicated faculty. That is a recipe for success.”


ADVANTAGE: Students in imaging sciences and dental hygiene benefit from a strong faculty and up-to-date equipment.
ADVANTAGE: Students in imaging sciences and dental hygiene benefit from
a strong faculty and up-to-date equipment.

Dedicated faculty is important, but cutting edge equipment also helps give students an advantage on board exams and in job placement.


To keep up that standard, both Dental Hygiene and Imaging Sciences are getting new equipment.

Imaging Sciences is getting a C Arm digital radiography machine, a portable X-ray machine that can be especially useful in an operating suite, Korvick said.


“Both the surgical tech and radiography programs will use it,” she said.


The dental hygiene students will now be able to learn how to use a panoramic machine with hands-on experience. The machine can capture a patient’s entire mouth in one image.