Grad Seeks Love on Asian TV

When Quan “Jason” Ho began his studies at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith in 2013, he told friends his exceptional English skills were thanks to not only his voracious desire to learn, but also his love of American television. Now Ho is the star of a Vietnamese reality television show.

CELEBRATION TIME: Jason receives his degree at UAFS.
CELEBRATION TIME: Jason receives his degree at UAFS.


During the latest episode of Người Ấy Là Ai (“Who Is That?” in English), Ho’s talent and confidence earned the affection of the female lead, Mai Suong. “She is the muse of my creation,” said Ho, after having earned a bouquet and a green light for an elaborately choreographed sword performance.


Though he is now earning celebrity status in the capital of his home country, Ho arrived at UAFS eager to grow as a person and experience all that higher education and America had to offer.


“It was UAFS that gave me the opportunity to study abroad, and that to me was a life-changing experience. For the first time in my life, I was able to see what the other side of the world was like with my own eyes, experience and interact with new people in different languages,” Ho said. “The four years that I was at UAFS, I became more confident, more open to new possibilities and more ready to voice my opinions. Being exposed to both my own and a new culture really prepared me for everything that life has to offer.”


When he isn’t on television, Ho uses his graphic design education daily in his work as a senior digital designer and photographer in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. “It’s dynamic and ever changing. Being a creative, repetition is my worst fear, so being in an agency allows me to do something different each passing day.”


Working in the advertising field, Ho has encountered limitless new opportunities and challenges, taking them all in stride. “The possibilities are endless,” he said.


“Jason was an exceptional and conscientious student and designer,” added Colin McLain, department head and associate professor in Art and Graphic Design at UAFS. “He took pride in the work he did, handled critical feedback well and strived for constant improvement in his work.”


“At UAFS I was able to be a part of a community far bigger and more meaningful than I had ever hoped for,” Ho said. “I’m proud that I now have stories to tell, memories to cherish, friends to remember and a place where I can be thankful for helping me discover my true self.”


The full episode of Người Ấy Là Ai, can be viewed on YouTube.