Remington Pate

Remington Pate has a reason for doing everything he does. The December 2016 graduate decided he should major in business because he realized growing up that no matter what someone does, it always involves business.


He knew he wanted to work for ArcBest because he admired the company’s public philanthropy and the economic impact the company has on its community.


And he determined that the best way to get there was through the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith because the College of Business has the prestigious AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation.


All three of his choices seem to be working out for him.


Recently Pate, who works human resources department as “culture architect,” explained just exactly what he’s doing at ArcBest and in Fort Smith.


He started at ArcBest at the end of his freshman year as a student worker after Dr. Larry Faulk brought the position to his attention. The business major began by scheduling job interviews with candidates and so became their first contact at ArcBest. Over time, he added new responsibilities, he said. He continued in that position until summer of 2016 when he went to Detroit as an intern for Quicken Loans.


At the end of the summer, he had a job offer at Quicken Loans and he knew some other companies were interested in him, but he returned to Fort Smith without hesitation.


Recruitment manager Jessi Solley was not only holding a spot for him, but in a move uncommon in corporate America, she let him create his own job description. He still does some of the tasks other HR workers do, but as culture architect he also has a license to make some changes that range far from his own department.


One task he’s already undertaken — he left work as an intern on Dec. 19 and returned as culture architect on Dec. 20 — is working to revamp ArcBest’s internship program. He hopes to offer personal development workshops for interns, hold internal job fairs so interns can see what position are available throughout the company, schedule some job shadowing and set up an internal mentoring program.


ArcBest, he says, “has a rich culture already, but I’d like to help take it to new heights. I want to make ArcBest the best place to work in the nation, not just in Fort Smith.”


To get there he hopes to be a “cultural trailblazer” and to “empower employees, enable employees, encourage employees.” He wants to create a culture where everyone, not just managers, can make suggestions about improving practices.


Pate has great admiration for ArcBest CEO and President Judy McReynolds, who worked with him as a mentor through the UAFS Mentor Connections program. He appreciated her comments as commencement speaker when Pate graduated in December, especially her discussion about having “the skill and the will” to succeed in business and in life.


He also admires his young alumni mentor Shannon Morrow from Rheem.


What about his time at UAFS? Here are just a few of his accomplishments: College of Business Student Leader Award, Outstanding Business Administration Major Award and Gold Level Distinction in Professional Development Certificate.


During his time at UAFS, Pate was recipient of the prestigious First Bank Corp. Scholarship, but that’s not the only reason he chose the university. Instead he said what drew him to UAFS was that “it is big enough to matter in the world but small enough for me to matter in it.”