Beran, Volunteers Read to Elementary Schools for Constitution Week

Chancellor Paul Beran read to students at Sutton Elementary School for Constitution Week, one of many volunteers from UAFS who devoted time to teach Fort Smith elementary students about the supreme law governing the United States. Beran read “We the People” by Lynne Cheney to two fifth-grade 

Chancellor Paul Beran visits students at Sutton Elementary School.

classrooms. The book tells the story behind the writing of the U.S. Constitution during a sweltering summer in 1787. Beran stressed the importance of educating citizens about the government. “Knowledge of our government and its origins is necessary to create well-informed citizens, and it is important to begin those efforts as soon as possible,” Beran said. “The United States Constitution created the framework that made America possible. We should strive to educate our future generations on this great nation’s history and Founding Fathers who formed it.” The U.S. Marshals Museum donated the books to the classrooms. The UAFS chapter of the American Democracy Project donated a pocket Constitution to every student.


Story Credits: 
Amy Fairbanks
Photo Credits: 
Rachel Putman