Lori and Tim Shields
Amber Rickman, Alden, Gavin, and Blake Rickman
Placement Help: Students who can test out of College Algebra have a better chance to finish their degree in eight semesters. for Students who have difficulty with the test, MathUp may be the answer they need.
The Donald W. Reynolds Bell Tower is restored to its former grace.
Student Heli Mistry consults with artist Yatika Fields in a project combining visual art and music.
Susan Simkowski, Shelli Henehan, Dana Booth, Kristin Riggs, and Becky Timmons transfer packages collected at UAFS for students at Spradling Elementary School
Mary Beth Andrews
N is for Numa
Cathy Mason, '11, shares a book she illustrated with children at Bookish.
Javon Rigsby
Ellie Lehne, number 34, said basketball taught her not to be afraid of making mistakes.
Amy Carter, ’09, and Brock Wilson, ’10, welcomed twins Brady Joyce and Tucker James